Broken Tooth

Broken tooth treatment in Mohali is available at affordable cost for people suffering from this problem. Like bones, teeth are also strong, only if you take a good care of them! Sometimes, poor nutrition and sudden trauma can cause harm to your teeth and form crack, chip or break.

We all know that our teeth are used extensively every day without even a thought of any stress and strain they are going through. People eat highly acidic foods and at the same time they use their teeth for opening and holding things. We sometimes even use our teeth as a tool for cutting things. This continuous rough usage to bite or chew hard things that are not meant to be chewed or bitten by teeth can also cause tooth breakage. All these things may cause all sorts of wear and tear to our teeth. In case the breakage is more than something your dentures can handle, then the damage are exposed to the nerves, which will cause you pain.

There are plenty of other reasons as well why teeth get broken, fractured, chipped, or knocked out.

Teeth which are already loose are particularly partial to being knocked out. And many have their teeth broken when young but this is not a surprise. Untreated cavities or old, oversized amalgam fillings are some of the other causes of chipped and broken teeth. Even those who have perfectly healthy teeth can also develop a fracture or break them by accident.

Sometimes cracked and broken teeth are not noticeable as they do not hurt mostly. But such problems, no matter how minor it is, should be treated well in order to avoid any complication later. Cracked and broken teeth cannot be fixed at home and if you left them untreated, infections could potentially arise. So, the best course of action is regular check-ups with the dentist. A good oral hygiene regiment can help prevent dental problems too.

At Specialists Dental Care, you will get the best broken tooth treatment in Mohali. We can help you to fix the broken tooth by helping you determine the severity of the damage and required steps that you should take. Based upon the analysis and x-ray report, we start our treatment process.