Address All Common Gum Problems at the Best Clinic in Mohali

Everyone has at some point in their lives envied the smiles of the celebrities and television personalities. No matter what, one cannot achieve the perfect smile at home and it leaves you wondering what are the celebrities doing differently? The answer: better oral health care and address gum problems.

Luckily there are some of the best dental clinics in Mohali that will help you in the process. But what are some of the common gum problems one should look out for? Keep reading on to find out more.

Some of the Common Gum Problems are below:

  • Gingivitis: The most common gum problem that plagues most adults is gingivitis. Healthy gums become inflamed leading to bleeding while brushing the teeth. The gums look red as opposed to the coral pink color of healthy gums. However, some ethnic races could have darker colored gums but also be healthy. Gingivitis can be treated easily by stepping into the best dentist in Mohali.


  • Periodontitis: Another major gum disease is periodontitis. The symptoms are similar to that of gingivitis but with periodontitis, the loss of one experience of gum tissue and jawbone. Periodontitis gets worse over time and one might not experience pain until much later and after much damage has been done already. A regular check-up at the best implant clinic in Mohali will keep periodontitis away.


  • Gum Recession: Gum recession, a common adult gum issue, is when the root of the tooth becomes exposed. This happens because the natural gum line recedes from where it should be. The resulting exposed root causes pain, decay, sensitivity, and more. The best RCT in Chandigarh will be able to address the gum recession as soon as it starts and prevent it from getting worse.


  • Gum Abscess: Gum Abscess refers to blisters or pus-filled boils that develop on the gums. These bumps cause pain and are a result of bacterial infections. The bacterium in question attacks deep in the gum causing the gum to swell. Pain relief medicine is not enough to address gum abscess. Stepping into a dentist at the earliest is the best solution.

There are numerous gum problems, one can possibly have and the cause is oftentimes due to poor oral health care. Some signs of poor dental health are plaque and tartar buildup. If oral health care is lagging often a person’s immune system is also affected. This is why it is important to let the best dentist in Mohali handle all teeth and gum problems.